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Indian Pharma Marketing Conclave 2021

25th Sep, 2021 : Journey of Pro Transformation

Journey of Professional Transformation Speaker Into

Journey of Professional Transformation
Mr. Mandar Joshi

Life of a Brand Manager
Binil Balakrishnan

Practical Tips on how Sales Reps can move into Product Management
Soham Wagh

Skill Accumulation : Get groomed & Trained
Sufi Ayaz

Part 2 – 8th Aug. 2021: Q & A Panel Discussion

Part 1 – 19th June 2021

Speaker: Mr. Prashant Menon (Keynote Address)
Topic: Over Communication in changing times: Are you Adapting From Today to Tomorrow?

Speaker: Mr. Subhojit Mukharjee
Topic: IPM…Individual Perception And The Communication Matters

Speaker: Dr. Uday Pai
Topic: Multi Digital Resistance What will work?

Speaker: Mr. Mandar Joshi
Topic: Digital Branding : Crossing the Pharma Chasm

Speaker: Mr. Anatha Nema
Topic: Reimagining the Next Era of Doctor Engagement

Panel Discussion & Q&A