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Indian Pharma Marketing Conclave 2022

Talk Show

Rendezvous with Archis Joshi

Rendezvous with Mr. Sachin Mukati

Rendezvous with Mr. Subhojit Mukherjee

Rendezvous with Mr. Akshay Kumar Mahapatra

Rendezvous with Mr. Rajeev Agarwal

Rendezvous with Mr. Sainath Iyer

Rendezvous with M. S. Nath

Rendezvous with Dr(HC) P. K. Rajput

25th Sep, 2021 : Journey of Pro Transformation

Journey of Professional Transformation Speaker Into

Journey of Professional Transformation
Mr. Mandar Joshi

Life of a Brand Manager
Binil Balakrishnan

Practical Tips on how Sales Reps can move into Product Management
Soham Wagh

Skill Accumulation : Get groomed & Trained
Sufi Ayaz

Part 2 – 8th Aug. 2021: Q & A Panel Discussion

Part 1 – 19th June 2021

Speaker: Mr. Prashant Menon (Keynote Address)
Topic: Over Communication in changing times: Are you Adapting From Today to Tomorrow?

Speaker: Mr. Subhojit Mukharjee
Topic: IPM…Individual Perception And The Communication Matters

Speaker: Dr. Uday Pai
Topic: Multi Digital Resistance What will work?

Speaker: Mr. Mandar Joshi
Topic: Digital Branding : Crossing the Pharma Chasm

Speaker: Mr. Anatha Nema
Topic: Reimagining the Next Era of Doctor Engagement

Panel Discussion & Q&A