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Indian Pharma Cricket League – IPCL

What is IPCL

Indian Pharma Cricket League – IPCL, first time in India tennis ball cricket league for Pharmaceutical working professionals,
The idea behind launching of IPCL is to help pharma professionals live their passion and engage in their favourite sport. The daily professional life of pharma working professionals is stressful and always challenging, somewhere compromising their own talent, passion or hobby due to daily schedule.
We Pharma Connect closely understood strength of pharma professional as we have associated with various pharma companies and here we come with one of unique initiative as everyone in their childhood, school, collage, or in gully played cricket, and we want to make memories alive again with the help of our small attempt. Pharma Connect is an endeavour of Creative Eye Events & Technology.

About IPCL – Participation

  • Owing to the tremendous response from Season 1 of IPCL 2022 allowing multiple teams from all department of pharma sales marketing production, admin purchase etc. from Pharma company will encourage the number of playing teams.
  • ID Cards of all participants are to be carried compulsorily
  • Six cities – Mumbai, Pune, Hyderabad, Bangalore Ahmedabad & Delhi, will play round robin League match among all participating team in respective city
  • one Winner Team will be Qualifier for final at Mumbai, Maharashtra. Or Mutually agreed Location for championship series among all winners of City league
  • All matches will be live broadcasting on Official YouTube Channel and other broadcast media*
  • During All Matches Basic Amenities, will be provided by IPCL (Sanitizer, Water, Balls, First-Aid Kit, along with on ground refreshment)
  • Refreshment
    • there will be 6 to 8 matches in a day
    • 15 Coupons (breakfast Lunch & Hi-tea) will be provided from IPCL Organizing Team on ground to the caption / Vice Caption for the refreshment. Per day
  • All Travel, Transport, Logistics / Stay / Foods/ will taken care by respective individual teams.



  • Team / Individual Registration form
  • Whom It May Concern Letter from Organization
  • Valid Official ID Card
  • Two Vaccination Certificate
  • Self-Declaration Form

Details of Event

  • Tentative Schedule as per given below
  • 26th & 27th Nov 2022 Ahmedabad Gujarat.
  • Dec 2022 – Mumbai Maharashtra
  • Dec 2022 – Pune Maharashtra
  • Delhi & Hyderabad – Date Will Announce shortly (Jan 2023)
  • Matches will be played only on Saturday & Sunday*
  • Tennis Ball Full Pitch Cricket as per standard rules and regulation along with IPCL decided committee
  • Championship Series Date and Schedule, Venue Will announced shortly Jan-Feb 2023

Team Grouping

  • Depending upon participating team’s allocation city wise matches will be finalize
  • If One Company having multiples teams, said players will not be swapped in any other team
  • Playoff rounds and grouping will be decide based on numbers of team participating as per venue
  • One Pharma Company can have Max 2 team per city


  • Each Team will be given 15 T-shirts. All teams are requested to wear Sponsored common colour T Shirt representing their team.
  • No player would be allowed to participate without wearing shoes. Also, no player is allowed to play in shorts.
  • We require your support and kind co-operation to make this Event a grand success


  • Match Awards
    • Man of the Match Trophy
    • Best Bowler Trophy
    • Best Batsman Trophy
  • City Wise Team Winner & Runner-Up Trophy per venue
  • Finally Awards
    • Winner Trophy + Participants Medals & Title Winner Prize
    • Winner Trophy + Participants Medals & Title Winner Prize & sponsored Gift hamper
    • Runner-Up Trophy & medals

Playing Rules & Regulations – IPCL T10 League Rules

  • 11+4 Players aside. (same Players has to play City League & Championship Series)
  • Each team Need 15 players Registration
  • 10 Overs a side game.
  • Player’s Attire Coloured dress.
  • Compulsory Power Play of first 3 overs.
  • During the Power Play (over no. 1 to 3) Maximum of 3 fielders allowed outside the 30 yards circle.
  • After the Power Play finishes (from over no. 4 to 10). 7 Fielders will be Outside 30 Yard, No More Than 7 Fielders Allowed outside.
  • Wicketkeeper can bowl any over but he has to inform umpire for the same.
  • One Drinks breaks will be allowed during the match of 2 mins at the end of the 6th over. Any other break, if required, prior permission from the match referee needs to be taken. Players will be allowed to bring in water at the fall of a wicket. No other break is allowed to be taken without signal from the umpires.
  • After the fall of every wicket, the next batsmen should be in a position to take guard at the wicket within 1 minute. If, extra time is taken, the next player in the list to be given out. In case, another player walks onto the field and hasn’t got into a position of guard, he would be termed out for taking excess time.
  • Change of ball: For change of ball, batsmen need to request for the same. A similar old ball should be provided with a brighter colour from the kit available. Umpires should take final call on the same.
  • Each bowler can bowl a maximum of 2 overs.
  • For No Ball, there will be a free hit for all kind of No balls.
    • Overstepping completely on the bowling crease
    • Full toss over waist line
    • Not following field restriction.
    • All bouncers to or above the shoulder height will be considered as “No Balls”.
  • In case of a Tie, each team will bowl a one over Super Over,
    • In case of a Tie Team having maximum number Total Boundaries (Main Innings + Super over) will be the winner
    • In scenario of Super over Tie then discussion will be taken Maximum Wickets (Main Innings + Super over) will be the winner
  • Fielding substitutions to be allowed throughout the match. A runner for batsman is allowed in-case he is carrying an injury. Such an injury should be informed prior to tournament / match / during the course of the match to avail the runner.
  • Each innings will be of 40 mins and failing to complete one’s innings in the allotted time will be penalized 5 runs or opposition will be awarded 5 runs per over delayed and umpires will be the sole decider.
  • In case, the match has started and due to some natural cause has to be stopped then the D/L method will be used only if 3 or more overs have been played, otherwise, the match will be rescheduled.
  • Bowling from one end only.
  • Batting and Keeping Gloves, Supporter can be use, and anybody should be allowed to wear any standard protective gear they want.
  • Each Captain should exchange his playing XI list to the opponent captain before the toss. No player can be changed
  • After the nomination without the consent of the opposing captain. If the Captain including an unregistered player
  • In playing XI under the name of another player, who is registered, then the Match will be cancelled and opposing team will be declared as the Winner.
  • If any team boycott the game, the opponent will consider as winner.
  • Teams should report 40 minutes before the scheduled time and the toss should be held in prior match innings break.
    • For the Toss Caption along with at least playing 11 team player has to be present at the time of Toss
    • Before Starting match time. All team has to be present on ground as per submitted list of players for verification
    • Late reporting team will lose one over in every 10 minutes and any team fails to report for play within 30 minutes of scheduled starting time, the Team will be disqualified and opposing team shall be declared as the Winner.
  • In-case of bad lights, match overs to be shortened according to available time. In a shorten match, no batting power play will be made mandatory. Bowling overs to be distributed amongst 5 bowlers proportionately. Minimum overs to be played in case of bad lights in 4 overs per innings.
  • No LBW rules. Leg byes will be allowed.
  • Player will not be allowed to use any foul language during or after the course of the match. A player cannot use abusive language towards any religion, caste, sex, physical abuse, family. In case, such is instance is found.
    • Level 1 code: on the first instance, players found using such language will be made to sit out of the field for 2 overs to immediate effect.
    • Level 2 code: On the second instance, player will be banned for the entire match and the next match as well.
  • Umpire’s decisions will be final throughout the tournament. Any sort of misconducts by any players will result in direct suspension.
  • All teams must use proper cricket dress. Wear same colour of full jersey compulsory during the time of Final. If team fail to wear 10% prize money will be, reduce. From award prizes
  • In case of any dispute arising during the tournament, the final call to be taken by IPCL Management Committee also pledge to make fair and unbiased decision if such a situation arises. We humbly request team owners / captains to respect the decisions taken by the management.

Important Notes

  • Please adhere to the Govt. Rules for Covid and maintain the social distancing
  • Individual Players identity need to be submitted if any objections raised by management
  • Players swipe from One team to another team is not possible
  • Share the vaccine certificate as its mandatory
  • Self-Declaration form (Indemnity Bond) should be signed off by each player along with Team Caption and Vice Caption. It should be made clear that in case of any injury, death, accident during or related to the tournament or in any case if adverse event is occuring. IPCL or the organizing committee won’t be Responsible, Individual will be wholly responsible.
  • Everyone has to fallow on ground hygiene, Chewing, Tobacco, Gutka, Supari, Smoking or Nonveg food is not allowed on ground, any plastic, wrapper or garbage use dustbin.
  • Individual Players if registered can be accommodated in Consultant team (only in situation of City League where no of Registered team is less than 6)
  • Allocation of individual Player will be subject to consultant/sponsored team management decision

Let’s Play IPCL 2023

Memories Of Season 1 2021-22